Statement by Amb. Çarıkçı during the 25th Special Session of the HRC on the Deteriorating Situation of Human Rights in the Syrian Arab Republic, and Recent Situation in Aleppo

Mehmet Ferden ÇARIKÇI 21.10.2016

Mr. President,

We categorically reject the futile and deceptive allegations made by the Syrian regime’s representative in its entirety. We condemn such pathetic attempts to distort reality.

The crisis in Syria has entered its sixth year and the suffering of the Syrian people continue. The Special Session today has been convened in the light of the devastating situation in Aleppo, which is addressed in the draft resolution accordingly.

We have to keep in mind that the regime is the main responsible for the horrific situation all-over Syria, not only in Aleppo. The situation on the ground can only improve if deliberate and indiscriminate attacks by the regime and its supporters stop; obstacles for sustained and unimpeded humanitarian access are removed and all relevant UNSC resolutions are implemented. We support the UN’s efforts to this end.

The besiegement and “starve or surrender” tactics of the regime reached new heights.

The regime continues targeting the entire Syrian people by different ways and means as a method of combat and has to be held accountable for its crimes against humanity.

The besiegement of Aleppo,
is a clear and final sign that the regime is looking for a military solution.

Turkey welcomed the ceasefire arrangement announced in September. We supported all efforts for this arrangement and underlined that implementation remains the key issue. The regime violated the ceasefire from day one and no humanitarian aid was delivered. After the unilateral announcement of the end of the ceasefire by the regime, it began its most comprehensive attacks on Aleppo.

Attacks conducted by the regime and its supporters under the disguise of fighting Al Nusrah Front have cost countless civilian lives and caused the dire humanitarian situation in Aleppo.

Let me be very clear, DAESH and Al Nusrah Front constitute an enormous threat to the region and beyond. Terror is our common enemy and Turkey’s determination to fight terrorism remains firm.

Turkey is convinced that peace can only be achieved through a genuine political transition based on the Geneva Communique. To this end, the international community should not spare any effort to unblock the political process.

I thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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