Panel on children/HRC 19th sesssion

Onur Katmerci 07.03.2012
Annual full-day meeting on the
Rights of the child

Thank you Madame President,

We would like to thank Her Excellency Navi Pillay for organizing such a comprehensive panel today, reflect the multi-dimensional attention as the children truly deserve.

We have recently witnessed the signing ceremony of the Optional Protocol to the CRC on a communication procedure. At a time that the international will is ever increasing to protect our children with more effective mechanisms, it is essential to support the extension of the mandate the Special Representative of the Secretary General on Violence against Children with adequate funding.

We have to put our best efforts to prevent violence against children and to protect them. Otherwise the traumatized children of today will determine the fate of our next generation.

In order to improve the situation on the ground, it is crucial to introduce measures that are specifically tailored for children. Otherwise we would just end up producing statistics, making no change in their daily lives.

Turkey attaches particular importance to the rights of children. As a state party to the CRC, Turkey was among the first of countries that ratified the Optional Protocols on the Children in Armed Conflict and on the Sale of Children.

Along the same line, Turkey ratified the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation, namely the Lanzarote Convention. Also, during the constitutional amendment, the Rights of the Child were prescribed under a separate article for the first time.

While the Ministry of Family and Social Policies was established in July 2011, in order to better coordinate social services, particular attention was paid to the children through formation of a separate and specialized General Directorate under the said Ministry.

Turkey has recently submitted its comprehensive responses to the Committee on the Rights of the Child with regard to its combined second and third CRC periodic reports, which has been scheduled for consideration by the Committee at its upcoming sixtieth session in June.

We would like to take this occasion to invite all interested parties to the Fourth International Symposium on Children At Risk and In Need Of Protection which will take place in Ankara on April 24-25, and will be organized by the Turkish National Police. This year’s theme will focus on Child Exploitation through internet and other sources of informatics.

I thank you Madame President.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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