UN Human Rights Council 27th Session, Intervention under Agenda Item 2

Mehmet Ferden ÇARIKÇI 08.09.2014
Mr. President,
Mr. High Commissioner,
We would like to warmly congratulate you on your assumption of Office and wish you every success in your new endeavours. At a time we face increasing number of man-made crises and human rights violations which have tremendous humanitarian consequences, your leading role in the protection and promotion of human rights is more important than ever. Well aware of all the challenges faced by your Office, including the financial ones, Turkey is committed to continue supporting your efforts.

In Syria, that you rightly mentioned in the first place, the tragic situation continues to deteriorate. Its regime is solely responsible for the current devastation in this country. Taking advantage of the inaction of the international community, it continues to oppress the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people by resorting to increasing violence, including heavy bombardments, indiscriminate killings and even the use of chemical weapons. The perpetrators of these acts must be brought to justice. Turkey continues to stress that a lasting solution can only be found on the basis of a genuine political transition and full implementation of the Geneva Communiqué.

Yet another human tragedy unfolded in Gaza before the eyes of the international community in recent months, and this Council had to hold a Special Session. The implementation of the Council’s resolution and the work of the independent commission of inquiry as well as resuming the conference of High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention are of utmost importance. The recent unlimited ceasefire between the parties is a significant step toward ending the violence and restoring lasting calm in the region. We hope that this agreement constitutes a starting point for the solution of all pending issues between the parties. However, a sustainable ceasefire requires the lifting of all restrictions on Gaza.

Racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia continue to present a permanent challenge to the enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms. These scourges threaten peace and the harmonious fabric of modern societies and are creating a swamp conducive to the recruitment of militants by radical armed groups. Unfortunately, intolerance and racism are often directed towards members of migrant communities. We trust your Office to be vigilant on this issue as well.

Thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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