ID on OHCHR Report on Iraq - Human Rights Council - 28th Session

Umut Deniz 25.03.2015

Mr. President,

As a neighbouring country, Turkey closely follows the situation in Iraq with utmost concern.

With this understanding, we carefully examined the report by the OHCHR. Based on survivors' accounts, it unfortunately confirms the widespread ruthless acts perpetrated by DEASH as a terrorist group par excellence.

We condemn these odious offences which constitute an unprecedented attack on human dignity and human rights.

Turkey would like to underline that the primary responsibility to guarantee full enjoyment of human rights and to protect the civilian population on their territory, without any distinction, rests with Member States. We are confident that the Iraqi Government will live up to this challenge.

We share the concern voiced in the report that the line between regular and irregular Iraqi Government forces is increasingly blurred. Indeed, the long-awaited security sector reform will guide efforts to embed the extra-legal militia into the Iraqi security structure. This would help enhance accountability, eliminate impunity, as well as claims of enforced disappearances, torture and extra-judicial executions.

We have continuously been supporting Iraq’s political unity, territorial integrity and stability. Unfortunately, today, several Iraqi communities facing the scourge of DEASH, whether they are of Yazidi, Christian, Kurdish, Arab or Turkmen origin, also find themselves in dire humanitarian need.

Honouring its deep historic, cultural and religious ties with the people of Iraq, Turkey has been continuously extending a helping hand to all those affected from the very beginning. Since April last year, when the early attacks started in Anbar, Turkish government agencies and NGOs have been providing humanitarian assistance to those in need, without any pause. In this context, we urge the international community to scale up its efforts as well.

The targeting of non-Muslim minorities last summer has helped bring the issue of DEASH atrocities to the international agenda. A selective approach as to the sufferings of different groups will exacerbate the existing polarization within Iraq. Thus, keeping in mind the circumstances in which DEASH came into being, we all need a just, inclusive and even-handed approach while focusing on the human rights situation in Iraq.

Thank you Mr. President.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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