Statement made at the launch of OHCHR 2014 Annual Report

Mehmet Ferden ÇARIKÇI 28.05.2015

Mr High Commissioner,

My delegation wishes to sincerely thank you for this very useful overview of the work and priorities of your Office in the past year.

We appreciate the detailed information on expenditure and funding sources. We would also like to extend our gratitude to OHCHR personnel who enable the essential work on human rights to continue unabatedly.

We believe that meetings of this kind with you and the experts of the Office have an extremely positive influence and contribute to the transparency of your laudable work.

Mr High Commissioner,

We agree with the fact that 2014 was a challenging year for human rights. Nonetheless, we were impressed to read about the wide array of your activities both in the field and at headquarters. We particularly appreciated the dedication and intense work in enhancing equality and in implementing various anti-discrimination schemes through advocacy efforts and constant support to Member States.

Furthermore, OHCHR's efforts to ensure coherence among many human rights mechanisms were especially noteworthy throughout the year. As a follow-up to the conclusion of the treaty body strengthening process, the Office strived for the harmonization of the working methods of the treaty bodies and more effective coordination between special procedures.

As mentioned in the report, OHCHR has a crucial function in promoting the integration of human rights in all programs and policies of the UN System. It should definitely pursue its work on strengthening human rights mainstreaming and underline its role as an early warning system. Your emphasis on the rights of migrants is a case in point. As the current Chair of the GFMD, Turkey highly appreciates that.

We also welcome the efforts of the Office to work in a more efficient and effective manner, especially since you have taken the lead. Through the use of its monitoring framework and by fostering a result-based management system, Turkey commends that OHCHR has mostly achieved a high percentage of its eight global management outputs set in 2014.

The increasing work in the field of human rights and demands towards the Office led to the result that OHCHR is facing enormous financial challenges. Bearing in mind that technical support and assistance requests had to be turned down in some cases, we would like to reiterate our belief that the financial resources of the Office have to be strengthened. With this understanding, Turkey albeit modestly increased its voluntary contribution last year.

This year, we have, along with Norway, Mexico, Morocco and Switzerland, again tried to bring this issue higher up on the agenda of the Human Rights Council in order to increase awareness. In a cross-regional statement supported by more than 50 countries, we expressed our support to your Office in its work towards creating a more sustainable resource base in a manner that balances the different interests by states, without infringing on your independence.

As a follow-up to this and our efforts last year, we prepared with Norway another cross-regional statement focusing on improving the working methods of the HRC. We delivered this statement at the last session with the support of 74 countries. We hope that this initiative will produce concrete results that will help to create a more conducive and sustainable environment for the work of the Office. I appeal there to everybody to join us in those efforts.

Thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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