Mehmet Ferden ÇARIKÇI 15.09.2015

Thank you Mr. President,

As a co-sponsor of the HRC resolution 6/30, Turkey welcomes the opportunity to contribute to this panel discussion. With this resolution, a gender perspective was truly established into the work of the Council. This was a crucial, inspiring step. Looking back as we are nearing the tenth anniversary of the HRC, we observe that gender issues remain more relevant than ever, with many repercussions on the global human rights agenda.

Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to the distinguished panellists for the valuable insight they provided. We believe that ensuring gender parity is a key component not just for our efforts in this Council but in all walks of life.

On the twentieth anniversary of the Beijing Platform of Action, we have achievements to celebrate, as well as challenges to overcome. Establishing and maintaining gender balance in international bodies is still a concrete target for us all.

In this vein, Turkey welcomes and actively supports the recently launched "Geneva Gender Champions" initiative, aiming to bolster gender equality and diversity with a strong institutional and leadership focus. We are convinced that this important network, of which my Permanent Mission is a proud member, will serve as a hub of fresh ideas in an action-oriented framework.

As far as the international human rights bodies are concerned, Turkey is firmly committed to the idea of sustainable gender parity in elected or appointed positions. As a result, out of the three Turkish citizens currently serving as elected members of UN treaty bodies, two are women. We will continue the practice of nominating female candidates for leadership or high-level positions in international bodies, with a view to foster a culture of awareness towards accelerating gender balance.

We appreciate the ideas on good practices outlined by panellists. To give a further example, we believe that the engagement group W20 ("Women 20") could be taken as a model for ensuring gender equality. Established by the Government of Turkey during its current Presidency of G20, the W20 aims to achieve gender-inclusive global economic growth in the G20 area through the economic empowerment of women. Composed of women business leaders of the G20 countries, its mandate covers issues such as women’s full economic and social participation, increasing women's presence in both public and private sector leadership positionsand strengthening women’s economic, social and political networks.

Thank you Mr. President.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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