Mehmet Ferden ÇARIKÇI 14.09.2015

Mr. President,

Mr. High Commissioner,

We thank the High Commissioner for his comprehensive update and reiterate our full support for his efforts to protect and promote human rights.

In Syria, the oppression has reached horrific dimensions. It constitutes a direct threat to international peace and security. Given the current situation, one has to admit that the international community has failed the innocent Syrian people.

The regime continues its dreadful attacks on civilians. The most recent attack in Douma, killing more than 100 civilians, has shown this again.

Turkey is of the firm belief that a political settlement is the only way for a viable solution. The comprehensive implementation of the Geneva Communiqué must remain key priority. This will give the opportunity to launch a Syrian-led process leading to a political transition, including through the establishment of a transitional governing body with full executive powers.

Mr. High Commissioner,

We share your concerns and your call to action regarding the migrant/refugee crises. It is evident that taking solely “security measures” is not the right approach to address the challenge. A far more comprehensive and human rights-based approach would ensure that migrants are human beings with rights. Turkey believes that sustainable solutions for ensuring dignity and well-being of migrants are primarily linked to the elimination of push factors and root causes.

The success of efforts to overcome the current crises depend on effective burden- and responsibility-sharing. Therefore, it is essential that the Council remains seized with the plight of migrants. We believe that protection of the rights of migrants will constitute an appropriate focus point for the traditional draft resolution on technical cooperation, to be presented by a cross-regional group of countries including Turkey.

Mr. High Commissioner,

We are looking forward to actively participating in the initiatives against the death penalty during this session. Turkey firmly believes that the abolition of death penalty contributes to the enhancement of human dignity and progressive development of human rights. We are convinced that more countries should introduce a moratorium on executions as a first step towards abolition.

Thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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