ID with the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Somalia

Hasan Emre UYGUN 30.09.2015

Mr. President,

We thank the Independent Expert, Mr. Bahame Nyanduga, for his detailed presentation today.

Turkey commends the steps taken by the Somali Federal Government to improve human rights in various fields and its willingness to institutionalize the respect for human rights.

We also appreciate that Somalia is working hard to build a peaceful society. In this regard, we welcome that the Somali Government promotes reconciliation and political dialogue both at local and national levels. In this regard, we believe that the finalization of the federal constitution in line with the Agenda Vision 2016 will establish the needed confidence.

Nevertheless, despite the outstanding progress, Somalia still risks setbacks. Terrorism remains one of the main threats for the establishment of an environment conducive to the advancement of human rights in Somalia. The urgency of rebuilding and restructuring Somalia’s security forces and the justice sector is clear.

Turkey strongly condemns the serious and systematic violations and abuses perpetrated against the civilian population, by Al-Shabaab and its affiliates, including the killing of Somalia’s former Permanent Representative to Geneva Ambassador Yusuf Bari Bari. Attacks against all of us, who are in Somalia to assist people, will not deter us, but only further our resolve and commitment to stay side by side with the Somali people.

Somalia also still faces enormous challenges on humanitarian and development issues. We believe that humanitarian aid should go in tandem with local capacity building, construction of basic infrastructure, education and health services. Turkey’s total humanitarian and development assistance to Somalia has amounted to around 400 million USD so far. Furthermore, we provide scholarships for almost 3.000 Somali students at university level in Turkey.

Bearing in mind the importance of coordinated international humanitarian assistance to Somalia, Turkey is ready to further strengthen cooperation and coordination with international actors. We believe that the next High Level Partnership Forum, which will be held in Turkey at ministerial level next year, will be a good opportunity in ensuring further support and coordination between the donors of Somalia.

Finally, as one of the main sponsors of the resolution on technical assistance to Somalia we encourage the Independent Expert to actively continue his engagement with the Government of Somalia with a view to assist the country in fulfilling its commitments and to help for further progress.

Thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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