Statement on Member States briefing on the preparations for the World Humanitarian Summit

Mehmet ferden ÇARIKÇI 11.12.2015

Madame Assistant Secretary-General, Excellencies, Dear Colleagues,

I would like to thank OCHA and Madame Kang for this comprehensive briefing. I also welcome Mr. Antoine Gerard.

The preparations for the first ever World Humanitarian Summit, which will be held in İstanbul on 23-24 May 2016, including the multi-stakeholder dialogues, online consultations have reached a record number of participants.

We are grateful to all contributors of this process, especially to those countries who hosted and co-hosted the regional consultations.

After the Global Consultations, generously hosted and co-chaired by Switzerland marked the end of the formal preparatory process, we all should continue, maybe even with increasing momentum, to engage with the Summit, with a view to making it a success to the benefit of humanity, raising our capacity to reach the increasing number of people in need of aid around the world.

The Secretary-General's report will build on all the findings of the preparatory process, we all are looking forward to it. We expect that it will also build a political framework, which will guide the Heads of State and Government to the Summit.

The multi-stakeholder dialogue should continue until and even after the release of the report. The thematic dialogues organized in Geneva before the Global Consultations were very useful, we should continue them. We have to remember that the Summit needs champions of various challenges on our agenda.

Turkey is fully engaged and committed to having successful outcomes from the Summit.

From a member state perspective, we believe that the Summit should actively tackle the most important phenomenon of the 21st century: forced displacement.

As the numbers of refugees and the internally displaced people are increasing every day in many places around the world and definitely beyond Europe, we should find new ways to protect them, provide them with assistance and safety, and return their dignity. Dignity is not less important.

Of course, in situations of this scale, the capacity and the resources of the humanitarian actors alone are not sufficient. As one of the Co-Chairs of the Solutions Alliance, we believe that new ways are needed also for the humanitarian and development actors to respond together. This co-action should aim not only saving lives, but also making the countries and populations affected by forced displacement more resilient.

We have also been chairing the Global Forum for Migration and Development since July 2014. Under our Chairmanship, forced displacement was taken up as an issue for the first time.

We are looking forward to the report of the High Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing, which is expected to be published soon. We were pleased to welcome some of the members of the panel last month in Ankara and Gaziantep.

Turkey, both as a donor country and home to world’s largest refugee community, stands ready to cooperate with all relevant actors to make the Summit a real success. In this process, I would like to encourage the member states to actively engage with the Summit.

Thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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