ID with SR on OPT Intervention by Turkey

Mehmet ferden ÇARIKÇI 21.03.2016

Mr. President,

Turkey would like to express its high appreciation to the Special Rapporteur. Such a comprehensive report without the cooperation of Israel deserves particular praise.

We fully agree with his recommendations. Settlement expansion and demolition of Palestinian property remain a source of grave concern. The area allocated to settlements doubled since the Oslo Agreements. The number of settlers in East Jerusalem and West Bank reached 600.000.In the first three months of this year, demolition activities tripled in comparison to the past year. Covered by absolute impunity, demolitions are more often deliberately targeting internationally financed aid projects.These practices must come to an end.

Further human rights violations such as disproportionate use of force, arbitrary arrests, administrative detentions, torture and mistreatment of prisoners and detainees, including children, as well as settler violence are undermining the vision of peace.

Every member of the international community has to firmly reject the occupation practices and restrictions imposed on the Palestinian people that preclude the exercise of their fundamental rights and freedoms. In this regard, the EU notice on the labeling of settlement products from occupied territories was an important step.

The policy of Israel to separate Gaza from the West Bank and Al-Quds is also continuing. The dismal effects of the 9 year-long blockade in Gaza have further deepened and Gaza carries the risk to become completely inhabitable in a few years’ time. Gaza is still a living reminder of the Israeli bombings of 2014. Turkey once again strongly calls for the lifting of the inhumane and unlawful blockade on Gaza.

Fully aware of the dire humanitarian situation in Palestine, Turkey will continue its unwavering support.

We are convinced that an equitable, comprehensive and sustainable solution, which will pave the way for a lasting peace has to be based on a two-state vision. Therefore, the international community on its part has to adopt a firm stance for the establishment of a just, comprehensive and lasting peace, which will pave the way for a sovereign, independent and contiguous Palestinian state on the pre-1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital.

I thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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