World Humanitarian Summit

Mehmet Ferden ÇARIKÇI 19.06.2015

Mr. Chair,

I will be speaking not only as the co-host of this side event, but also as the host of the World Humanitarian Summit itself. I thank Mexico for co-hosting this side event.

I would like to start by expressing our gratitude to everybody, who made and will make active contributions in the long preparatory process of the Summit. I believe that there are representatives of all stakeholders here in this room, from Governments to UN agencies, from

NGO's to private sector.

The only missing stakeholder seems to be the affected people. They may not be here in this room, but we know very well that the Summit Secretariat is making every effort to bring their voices to the process. As I have expressed in my general statement, we firmly believe that the needs of the people affected cannot be assessed better by any other actor and the best response can be shaped only by the affected people themselves.

World Humanitarian Summit is a multi-stakeholder process, as we are hearing from the very beginning. That's why it is unique. We know that this aspect of the Summit raises some eyebrows.

I am confident that the Summit Secretariat hears all the concerns, takes note of them, conveys them to the UN leadership, wherever they are expressed.

I would like to invite you, for a couple of minutes, to forget all of your national concerns and think about why the World Humanitarian Summit is being held and who is the end user of the Summit outcomes.

I can tell you, there is only one single word which describes the target: Humanity.

Please also keep in mind that, if we don't have successful outcomes from the Summit, there will be one loser again. And it is the same stakeholder: Humanity.

When the Secretary General came up with this initiative, that’s why we decided to propose to host the Summit in İstanbul.

All stakeholders are free and also, welcome to express their views with regard to how they want to see the process and the outcome of the Summit. We will shape these altogether. But when criticizing, contribute to the process in a positive and creative manner. So, I urge you all to always keep the "humanity" in mind.

Finally, I would like to thank the distinguished panelists in advance for their contributions.

Also, I would like to express our gratitude to Mr. Stephen O'Brien, for putting his able hands on the preparations of the Summit from the day he took over his new

position of the Under-Secretary General and Emergency Relief Coordinator.

Thank you.


Sadık Arslan Ambassador

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